Your Power Source EP 132 Dog the Bounty Hunter

Plugging Into The Power Source of Heaven

In this episode of Past to Power, Dog the Bounty Hunter and his fiancée, Francie Frane chat with us about the power of God on the road. Most assuredly, the people we meet aren’t there by accident, but by divine design. Dog shares some stories of praying for the people he meets.

“God brings the people we need to accomplish His purposes.” Dog

Whether at the grocery store, the airport, or the gas station, God places people in our paths to minister to them. Ultimately, when we say yes to God we align ourselves with the true Power Source!

Both Francie and Dog said that what they thought would be the end was only just the beginning. When we surrender to God, He shows up and takes our pain and uses it for his purposes. Through our pain, God turns it all around and redeems our pain.

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“When we’re willing to plug into the power source of Heaven, everything changes.”
~ LaTan Roland Murphy, cohost of Past to Power

Plugging into the Power Source of Heaven

There comes a point in our lives where we say, ‘enough is enough‘ and that’s when God can do His best work. Knowing there’s always someone else out there who has it worse than you brings us to a place of compassion for others. Many times, God uses our stories to let others know they are not alone. This is where community happens.

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Join us for some great conversation with Dog & Francie in Part 2 of our interview with them.

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PART 1 with Dog & Francie

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